ViewVC Symlink

I recently set up ViewVC with the default install location (/usr/local/viewvc-1.1.17) as we have a VPS. The problem though, is I’ve tried to make a symlink from our website to a directory in the viewvc directory; that is:

But when I go to my web browser to see viewvc, it gives me a 403 error saying I don’t have permission to view this directory. The same owner of the website also owns the viewvc-1.1.17 directory, but obviously not the lower directories usr and local (root owns these). Is the problem the fact that root owns usr and local? Or is there something else going on?

Thanks in advance.


When linking A to B, the ln command takes B as the first argument.

ln -s [target] [alias_name]

In your code example it looks like the linking might be front to backwards.

I apologize, I made the symlinks a while before, and hadn’t re-checked the man page on ln before posting. I actually had the symlink coded correctly, but put them backward in my post. I double checked on my site just to make sure I hadn’t done it this way, but to no avail. The correct implementation of ln that I used:

Thank you for the reply though, sXi.