Viewing website directly

I recently downloaded WordPress through DreamHost and have begun preparing my blog site for publication. However, I notice that it can be only be viewed at
Pardon my naivete, but what do I need to do to bring so that when someone types in, they immediately see my blog without having to navigate through other files?
Thank you

Apparently you have placed wordpress in the wrong directory. Please login via ssh and type the following:

mv index/WordPress/* .

Now you should have moved the Wordpress files to the right directory.


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Don’t you know that you can install WordPress via DH panel --> Goodies --> One Click Installs?

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Thank you for your suggestion. I would like to implement it, but although I can log into FTP (presuming this is = secure shell or ssh), I have no idea how to reach a command line. Please advise. Thank you.

Thanks, but the DH panel is where I went to install it.

Did you install Wordpress with Easy or Advanced mode?

With Advanced mode, you can specify which directory you want to install Wordpress to. I think you’d like to install to directory.

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