Viewing Website Before Moving Over DNS Data

Hey all –

I have a site on another hosting provider that I am switching over to Dreamhost. I’ve not switched all the DNS over to the new Dreamhost account because I want to set everything up first before I do the switch.

I have a question. Sorry if it’s obvious.

Is there a way for me to preview my new site before switching over the DNS? I can’t seem to figure out how. I’ve been able to upload a thing or two via FTP, but I don’t know how to see the new stuff.

I noticed that there is an option to register a unique IP address to my account, something that’s not been done yet. Is that part of my problem? And is that another monthly/yearly charge, on top of hosting and DNS renewal?


You can set up a site in a subdomain of (e.g.,, or, if you have another domain hosted with Dreamhost already, you can set up subdomains in that (if you have, you can set up Then, when you transfer over the actual site domain, make it point to the same site by setting it up as a mirrorred domain.

– Dan