Viewing site while awaiting domain transfer

I’ve sent this in to support, but with over 400 tickets pending, perhaps someone on the forum can help me faster.

Is there any way to view my content on DreamHost while I await my
domain to transfer? (completion is expected by Sunday, that’s a long

I tried several variations on,,
but nothing seems to work. I read in the KB that you offer free
subdomains with every package, but I sure can’t seem to figure it out!


Yes, the way to do it is to have a * subdomian mirror your actual domain. They keyword that many forget is “mirror”.

How do I set it up?
I try adding as a mirror from the add domains section, but get this error:

Another user owns If you’d like to manage this domain you will need to log in to the web panel as this user.

Ah yeah… we actually just changed our system to no longer allow free sub-domains, but rather sub-domains.

We realized we needed to save these sub-domains for things like server names and what not!

Sorry there hasn’t been an announcement yet, we’ve been swamped… just try it again with