Viewing site logs

Is there anyway to view the information in the logs directoy in a web browser?

I’'ve tried downloading them, but my FTP client keeps throwing error messages at me.

I need this information as someone is leaving death threats to one of my clients on their guestboook - and the filth want his IP so they can catch the dude. The site i’m interested in is

Thanks in advance - Ryan

Not a “good” or easy one…you could copy the appropriate log to a web accessible directory, but you really would need to protect it somehow.

I think the better question is to figure out why your ftp client is screwing up. What are your error messages?


It says the following…

Could not download “http”.

Server said:
http: Not a regular file

Error -160: could not start data transfer

There is a webftp link in your panel(Manage Domains) which can view logs file in browser.

eg. Directory Tree: root /logs /resources

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sounds like you were trying to download the “symlink” instead of the actual file. Try exploring a little deeper into your “logs” directory, and see if you can find a “plain” file.

You will see files named “access-log.2006-09-13” and “access-log.2006-09-13.gz”. The first type is a straight text file, the other is a “gzipped” file. Either one should work, though you will need a compatible “zip” tool to extract the contents of the .gz files.


Good idea! I keep forgetting about that tool (I’ve been here so long before they had it, I don’t think I’ve ever used it! You know “old guys, old tools” :wink: )

thanks guys, this helps a lot