Viewing site before DNS change

  • Mirroring:

I want to work on some stuff prior to fully tranfer my site here and found this info on the wiki but it’s not very clear and Im not sure how to do it.

Says there that I have to “add free sub-domain (” and I’m assuming the “whatever” part is my box name which would make, is that right?

  • Database creation:

To create the DB I have to set the DB hostname and I’m not sure of doing it ritght. would be the way to go for the mirrored site?



Do you have a domain hosted with DH (just DNS not changed)?

If so, find out the IP address of your site. Goto: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\

Edit the file ‘HOSTS’. Add a line looking like so:

A common method for people to tests their sites is to use as their main site and as their test site, on a different IP address (address hand coded within the host file). It helps a lot when you’re xfering hosts/servers and need to make sure it works on the new server before switching the DNS.

Just remember to remove the host entry after everything’s switched over.


Yes, thats it and I want to get my board running before doing the transfer.

[quote]Edit the file ‘HOSTS’. Add a line looking like so:
OK, did that. Now I can see… ehm… something.

I get the message:

[i]Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf” [/i]


If you search the forum or the wiki for bad httpd conf you’ll find your answer.

Log into the Panel > Domains > Mangage Domains > edit > save changes. Hopefully in no more than 2 hours your site will be working.

You’ll also want to remember to remove that special line from your hosts file after you’ve switced your DNS over yo point at dreamhost.



I went look for info on the wiki right after posting last nite. Searched on the forums too, found a couple of posts - another one from you - talking about this and how it rewrite the httpd config file (or something like that).

I tried doing that but 18hs later it is still giving me the same message. :\

I didn’t ask for help on the support though, going to do it right now and see if they can find me a solution.

What about the mirroring proccess? I tried but can’t get it to work either… /sigh
Any other sugestions?


I sent a msg to the support telling about the “bad_httpd_conf” and the only thing I got was an autoreply telling me how to mirror the site but absolutely nothing about why I could have been getting the error msg.

Does anyone have any sugestion? As the time goes over + than 24hs trying to access my site here, it’s becoming frustrating.



if Editing the doamin from the panel (Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > edit > save changes) doesn’t fix it, then support will have to look into the problem. I’m afraid you’ll just have to contact them again, and explain what you’ve done, and that you’re still getting the error message.


  • About the remmaping as sugested on the second post: = my actual domain being served on another host = the domain as will be served here at DH (hardcoded into my Hosts file)

Since the IP used is from a shared machine, shouldn’t it have something after? Like ? I don’t see why just the IP should point straight to my DH site in among others on the same box.


Apache Virtual hosts allow name-based virtual hosts on the same IP; this is accomplished by a “Host:” header in the request. E.g.:

GET / HTTP/1.1

That’s how the server knows which virtualhost to go to.

So did your bad_httpd_conf issue ever get resolved? I set up several new domains last night after my first one a few weeks ago (which is working now), and they all have the bad_httpd_conf error.


Oh, ok… it’s nice to know that!

Nope! I got one msg from support (see copy below) and then one or two days later the new DNS was up and pointing to DH and got me with the pants on my hands! :\

They asked me to run some trace routes and one thing I found weird (remember, as you already know, im not an expert) is that when doing the trace route to it ended on my box here at DH but the same address on the browser sent me to on the old hosting.

---- Copy of the msg from suport on 03/07 -------

[quote]We are having issues with DNS at the moment, where our admin
team just implemented a new hidden DNS master that will take a few days
to propagate. Our NS system needed an overhaul and that was what it got.
We believe it should take full effect within 48 hours. Until then, I do
not think there is much else to do. I have tried all configurations
possible and nothing has changed yet.

If you have any further questions regarding this or other matters, please
let us know and we will continue our efforts.[/quote]
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I’ve been having persistent issues with subdomains and domains since last week. It is one domain but it keeps throwing an assortment of errors and serving old content (after a redesign).

It’s just crazy. Playing email tag and what not but looks like DH is finally catching on.


Zen, i think im trying to do the same as you…

Setup my database driven site on dreamhost, without changing the DNS from my old site.

Im also finding this quite tricky.

So far i have made a mirroring subdomain – but i dont see how this will know to look to dreamhost instead of my old host?

well, i guess i’ll find out in, “just a few hours maximum” :wink:

I also need a way to restore 3 sqldatabase with usernames/paswords the same – which i need phpmyadmin to do. but cannot get to that until i change my DNS???



Yeah, you’re right, it’s not very clear, nor on the wiki, nor on the logic.

Like I said, my DNS was up before I could get it working so I just gave up (there was no point on working on a mirrored subdomain anymore) and got my efforts to make everything run ok ASAP on my site.

About your databases, you could always use SSH to work on it… I guess. I’m not the kind of SSH guy, I find it fascinating really but don’t know how to work with.

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