Viewing site before DNS change

I’m currently hosting my website at another place and this morning i bought the “Crazy Domain Insane!”. I already uploaded my files into my directory and i followed the instruction on how to view your site before the DNS changes.
I created a subdomain and is set to mirrow my domain.

Now this was all done at 09:20A.M. EDT and i’m still unable to view the site.

How long do i have to wait to be able to see it?

I would think no more than 6 hours. I just checked the subdomain and I was also not able to access it. I’d wait an other three or four hours and hopefully then it will be set up. If no you should contact support and ask them to check into it.


Just so you know, you could also vote for this:

“Automatically set up for new domains to test before DNS propagates.” Under Panel > Home > sigguestions. If this was implemented then this entire thing woudl have been setup for you when you registered.


Just voted for it :slight_smile:

what did just happen ?

i went into my manage my domain and now there’s nothing there ???

when i try to add my domain it tells me to add a user first and when i try to do that i get the following error:

i just sent an email to support but anyreason why this would happen ?