Viewing my free registration credits


I just signed up to host a couple websites at During the registration I stated I already had a domain registered elsewhere, and I planned on using the free registration (the one that comes with a hosting package) later on.

Well, in trying to determine if I had received the free registration credit, I went through this page as stated on your wiki:

But when I go to the page, and I provide a domain to ‘check availability’, it warns me to double-check that the name is correct and registrations can not be undone.

My question is: Are you providing that warning because when you check availability, it will immediately register the domain? I ask because I don’t necessarily want to register it RIGHT NOW, I just want to see if I have the free credit.

We’re just customers here, but most of have seen that warning. It’s just an advanced notice that you’d better be careful before you continue. The actual registration and payment is a couple of steps later.

However, to check registration credit, go to the Panel under Billing -> Account Status and check your standing. Free domain is just a $9.95 credit, which I don’t have at the moment, so I can’t verify where this amount actually shows up.


I’ve always been somewhat bothered by that warning myself. It does seem to be a page or so early in the registration process.

Then again, since this is the “last” opportunity to correct typos, I suppose it could be argued that it is the right place for the warning. I put “last” in quotes because you can always back out using the browser, but that there isn’t an explicit “I’ve made a typo” button.

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