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Hi everyone,

I have setup discussion list in Dreamhost. Is there any script/application that can read the archive into a form like Mail Archive ?

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I didn’t take a lot of time to examine the interface of Mail Archive, but if it is threading of mailman generated list archives, you might checkout swish-e.

The generic mailman archives are generated by the included pipermail archiver, but others can be used. To find something like Mail Archive, you probably just have to search for one that does what you want. Many different ones have different features; is it the threading or the search (or both) that is most important to you?



I think the searching one is more important to me. Any suggestion for that ?

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Actually, none in particular. If the search is what is important, wouldn’t it be easier to just use a generic search script directed at the archive page?

Mailman’s default archiver is threaded, and I think it is fine actually, so I would suggest just pointed a search script at the archives :wink: