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I am in the process of moving and updating sites from another hosting provider to my DH account. What I want to do is to keep the old site up at the other provider until I’m sure that everything is working well on the new DH hosted site. Let’s say that the site is called I have created a new domain at DH for but haven’t changed the DNS to point here. Is there a way in which I can preview the DH version of the site before I change the DNS pointer?


This wiki article should help you out.

–Matttail - personal website

Still confused. Do I need to remove and re-establish the domain? Right now, when I go to “edit” on the domain menu, the “mirrored” section doesn’t seem to have the settings referred to in the wiki. I also tried to add the ip number of the DH server and the domain name to my local hosts file (I am on a mac os X system) without success.

You do not need to remove or edit your existing domain, you can leave that as it is. What you need to do is add a free sub-domain under the Mirrored section of the Add New Domain / Sub-Domain section of the panel, setting this sub-domain to mirror your real domain.

I am not familiar with OS X, but make sure you are using the IP address assigned to your domain, as each physical DreamHost server has many Apache instances and IP addresses available and you need to use the one assigned to your particular domain.

You can find the correct IP address by going to Domains -> Manage Domains in the panel, clicking the DNS link under your domain then taking the IP address from the www A-Record.

You may also need to reboot your computer after making the relevant changes to your hosts file.


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