View website with just IP

Tried to search but only relevant returns where what was posted a few hours ago, and the reponses in that thread weren’t very helpful.

What is the ip address so we can check our site before dns propogation… not mirroring the existing site… just checking what’s on the dreamhost server. Would like to get the databases and structure up before dns switch.


You’ll have to set up a mirrored domain of to accomplish this. That’s just the way it at DH. One of the posts you found before should help you set up the mirroed domain, if you need it.


that’s the step where you set up a mirrored domain on ie that mirrors the site?

yes, it will mirror your domain from Dreamhost. It’s a little odd, but it’s not just a mirror of, but a mirror of your site on dreamhost.


haha ya it’s odd but it works. Thanks to the user comments in the knowledge base article. You guys make no distinction between and in the initial explanation.