View site before DNS change

I need to view my site before I switch my DNS from my current host to dreamhost.

I’ve read the Wiki support page with info on creating a sub-domain which mirrors the dreamhost site to no avail: i cannot get it work. and yes, i’ve tried at least four times, with various settings, trying to figure out how the hell it is supposed to work. i may be stupid, or maybe im so smart that i don’t see this simple solution! :wink:

I’ve searched the forums and even emailed the tech support: all references back to the wiki entry titled: " DNS_-_Viewing_site_before_DNS_change" don’t help me because those instructions are not detailed enough to enable me to setup the sub-domain in the first place.

can anyone clarify the instructions and help me out?

thanx in advance


Ok, here’s a (hopefully simple and claer) step by step.

  1. Upload your content. You’ll need to log into your accoutn vai FTP and upload all of your site files. To connect you’ll be using the information you got in the welcome E-mail from dreamhost. Sometimes like or The user and pass will be the user/pass you set up while registering (not the one to log into the panel, but the user)

Also, be sure to upload all of your site files into the folder.

  1. add a mirrored domain. Log into the panel, click Domains > Manage Domains > Add new Domain. You can use this one form to add domains and sub-domains. So in the domain name box you’ll type something like and you’ll set it to be a mirror of one of your existing dreamhost domains - select it from the list.

  2. Wait an hour or two.

  3. You should now be able to go to and see your site files.

Hope this helps.


If you know the IP address of the host that your website will live on, then you can update your hosts file on your PC to access the site by its proper domain name, before DNS propergation or changes have taken place.

You must however have setup the domain’s web site properly in the dreamhost panel, and you must have the right IP address for your webhost.

IF you don’t you’ll get a message like ‘Bad httpd.conf, contact administrator’ when you try and access the site.

If you want to know more, let me know and I’ll give you precise steps of what I do in those key hours before the dns change gets to you :slight_smile: