View sent emails with mutt


When I write an email on the server using mutt, the email is stored plain text in ~/sent.

How is it possible to view these sent emails inside mutt?


I haven’t used mutt in a long time :slight_smile: The easiest thing is to start mutt by reading the sent folder mutt -f ~/sent
You may want to read Mutt’s guide to learn how to switch folder (hit ? while mutt is open to see what the default shortcut is): and have more details.


Thanks a lot. Your suggestion “mutt -f sent” works, but I was looking for a solution to get out of a running mutt session (where I read emails) straight into the sent folder.

Your links didn’t help. No references to sent folder.

But … after digging (for quite some time), I found this here:

[quote]to be used in UI for “change folder” cmd:
in mutt UI: c+sent[/quote]

This works exactly as desired!
I can change from a running mutt session to the sent file and back!

Thanks for your kicks.