View objects in Dreamhost interface?

Are people getting the “view objects” buttons to work within the Dreamhost interface?

Under Firefox 18, I just get a greyed out screen, sometimes with parts of an interface behind it, but if I click, my only option is a button to close the screen.

I’ll try to check it out under other browsers, but it’s a bummer for my main one.

In my testing, this appears to be limited to Firefox 18. I don’t see the same issue in FF 17, Safari 6.0.2 nor Chrome. One of our UI guys is investigating a bit and will chime in as well.

I just tested this in Firefox stable (17) and beta (18) and it’s looking good over here. We just pushed out some pretty significant front-end code changes yesterday so I’m wondering if you still have some of the old code stuck in your cache. Can you try clearing your cache and looking again?

Yeah, not seeing it in 16.0.2, so it must be me.

I’ll clear cache and check 18 again soon.

Cash purge solved it!