View my website b4 dns propogates


is there a way to view my website from the files i have already uploaded via ftp to my new dreamhost account before the domain propogates around the internet?


You could edit your ‘hosts’ file and create an entry for your domain name to the IP address of the machine it’s hosted on.

on windows XP the file is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

and you would create a new line that says


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jeez dont wanna go editing files in my system folder!
just want to know if DH provide a temporary link to my domain eg:



Sorry you didn’t like my answer. I’ll refrain from answering your questions in the future.

Perhaps you sould search the knowledge base for

“How do I access my website”

and read some of the results. (hint the answer is in the second link, and the very bottom of the page). But even that may take an hour to work, whereas my solution was instantanious.

or you could search the forums for
Viewing Before DNS
make sure you set “AND” and not entire phrase… and just for fun check psosts within the last 6 months.
the answer is the same as the Knowledge Base answer. and again may take several hours. whereas my solution was instant.

Good luck.


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sorry i didnt mean it like that, just that i dont like editing system files!

thanks for your help, hope you are available to answer any questions i have in the future

no hard feelings :slight_smile:


Create a free subdomain via your Control Panel and set it to mirror your actual domain.


I would like to view not the website but rather the phpAdmin. Can I use this same trick? Guess I’ll try and see.



I tried what you said however I found that the IP address of the machine my domain is hosted on does not respond to port 80/http requests. Any idea how to get the correct IP I should use?



It will respond IF you request your hostname at that IP address… for example.

According to my panel is hosted on gap. So I find out the IP address of

if I try to connect to port 80 of gap I get nothing. But if I set my host to and connect to port 80 of I get my site.

to get the IP address, bring up a dos prompt and type ping HOSTNAME.


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Thanks for your reply, however, I don’t see how the scenario you described is possible. Whether you are accessing or, the DNS server (or hosts file in this case) translates the hostname into an IP address I fail to see how a network-layer firewall can differentiate between the two requests on the basis of the hostname used when the machine itself does not service the DNS request. Can you try what you wrote and see if it works? I tried it and it didn’t work for me.



The HOSTS file over rides the DNS lookup. So by having that entry in your hosts file

So when you type in your hosts file tells it to resolve to

When your request gets to apache asks what the target hostname is ( if you type that, if you type that, or if you type that) and then loads the appropriate page (or denies the request)

I just tried it, but ive done it a dozen times before.
try accessing ‘’ It probably hasn’t propogated yet. Assuming you get a server not found edit:
and add a line that says:

save it, and try again.


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I should add, the webserver responding differently based on the hostname requested is the whole basis for shared hosting. It’s how a 100 domains can ALL be on


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Hi Jason,

I am aware of how name-based virtual hosting works. However, if I attempt to connect to on port 80, I get:

[whuang@unex source]$ telnet 80
telnet: connect to address Connection refused

If the web server does not respond on this IP for port 80, I don’t think it will work if you simply point your host/domain to the same IP. Perhaps you meant to use “”?



Ok, I will admit, in trying to prove my example… things got flaky partly because windows DNS Address cache wasn’t consistent and partly because 1/2 way through my experimentation I think propogated.

I am going to amend my answer slightly. You can get a different IP address (and I beleive the correct one for your new host) by telnetting (standard port 23) to your dreamhost host ( or what ever), and typing ping, your new host name. You may want to try to enter THAT IP address in your HOSTS file.

I have multiple domains/sub domains all on gap. and they Appear to return different IP addresses. And I have no explanation of that.


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The reason why multiple domains hosted on the same machine will have different ip addresses is that there are multiple instances of apache running on each machine and they all have their own ip address. So depending on which apache instance your domain get’s assigned to, that’s the ip with which the dns will get generated.