View FTP content without domain

I’m wondering what is the easiest way to view the FTP content of a user’s web page, without having a domain ascociated with it?
I setup a one-click Zencart, and want to configure it. the user name is heavenscent, and the server is GO. I currently have no domain ascociated with it (as the registration is pending).

I have a “spare domain” which I have used to mirror the pending domain, but I’m only getting “bad_httpd_conf” every time I visit it.

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, however I can’t find it in the search, and have no idea what my previous password was (damn auto-generate!)

The Wiki has a tutorial on previewing sites before it goes live:


Thats the one I was looking for, thanks!
I’ve tried this method before and it never worked, but I’ll try again…
I just go to set up domain/subdomain, and call it (username), under the username I want - right?

You can make it and it’ll work. It doesn’t have to be