View files on server before redirecting dns

I need to view the site on before pointing the dns from the old server to this new dreamhost one, but when I go to i get nothing

Yea, that method won’t work on DreamHost. There is a process by which you can view your site before going “live”, and it is described in the DH Wiki article on Viewing your site before DNS cahange :slight_smile: .


From what I understand, we can view the “live” site under a free dreamhosters’s subdomain.

So we can visit, but not

Am I right?

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You are correct. As the wiki article says, you can actually build the site in the “” directory, and view it via the “mirroring” setup using :wink:


Thanks rlparker. Now I fully understand how to view site before DNS change.


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You are welcome! :slight_smile: Actually, I rarely use the “mirroring” - I’ll set up a subdomain, develop there and preview, then rename directories as needed when I am ready to “launch”. It just seems easier to me.

You do have to make sure and use relative rather than absolute links, and scripts that use the domain name will need modification at launch time if you do it this way. There is not really a “right” way to do it; whatever “works” best for you is what you should use.

That said, for those just starting out who have limited shell experience or might not be careful about designing “portable” sites, the “mirror” is a great thing!