View Error Log


Is there a way one can check/view the error logs of any hosted domain?


Yes, you can check/view the logs for any domains that are owned by your user (you will not be able to view other users’ logs). Your logs are stored in the /home/yourusername/logs directory, where you will find a subdirectory for each of your domains. The logs themselves are stored in the subdirectory named for the domain.

You can view these:

  1. by logging into the shell and using standard *nix tools to view them, or …

  2. you can login with FTP/SFTP, navigate to the appropriate directory, and download them to your own computer for inspection and/or further processing. :slight_smile:



Sure is :wink:

In your shell (or ftp) user folder you’ll see a folder called “logs”. Within that will be more folders, each representing a domain hosted within that account. Inside those will be yet another folder labeled something like http.####### which contains the access and error logs for that particular domain.

A quick check on one via ftp just now indicates they are updated and archived to .gz on a daily basis.


And I need to type faster :frowning: