View CPU Usage

hi iam really not happy about the cp of dreamhost, can i ask where in the cp i can see my cpu usage? I know cpu limit has been drooped but can i still see my cpu usage? thanks.

It can take a while to get used to something new. I suspect once you learn your way around the panel, and the shell, you will feel differently about the control panel. :wink:

At any rate, to monitor historical data on CPU usage, you can enable user resource reporting by going to the Control Panel -> Users -> Manage users screen, clicking the “edit” link adjacent to the user you want to enable reporting for, and “check” the “CPU Reporting” checkbox. Submit the form and within about 24 hours information will start to be collected and stored for your review.

For more information on how to view, use, or gain increased granularity for these reports, check out the DH WIki article on User Resource Reporting and the link on that page.


p.s. - Since you never responded, I was wondering if you got your seo4smf issue sorted out?

thanks rlparker
about the cpu usage i manage to enable my cpu reporting.

well about the seo4smf i was not successful in installing it, its not working for me. can i ask have you installed the seo4smf? iam using smf 1.1.3 and seo4smf thanks

I do not use the SMF forum, and I have not installed seo4smf. :frowning: . I’m sorry you haven’t yet gotten it to work.

Maybe someone on the SMF forums can help, considering how many people host at Dreamhost. :wink:


I’m not sure what level of detail you want to view your CPU usage stats, but I have a cheesy little PHP script that I use to graph the last week’s CPU stats.

Here’s a live example:

If you know PHP, I can send you off a copy and you can tailor it to your own site.