Video streaming website - dreamObject?

I would like to create a video streaming website.
Just curious that is dreamObject the solution to storage the video files?
Is the dreamObject can steam the video and the speed can support it?
Anyone had tried this approach?

Please let me know!

Many thanks!


DreamObjects would be the perfect solution for your video streaming! We highly recommend the use of DreamObjects for personal data backup or file server. DreamObjects is also based on our CDN “DreamSpeed” for on demand high end content with faster performance/speeds compared to your typical data server.

Here is a a sample video I uploaded using my own DreamObjects account (Blizzard Entertainment - I am Murloc video 54MB):

Using my 100 Mbps connection, I was able to quickly download the file within seconds averaging 9.7 MB/s. Give it a test for yourself and let me know what you think!

Here is the pricing for how our DreamObjects works:

You’ll be usage-based billing if under 40GB or you can select the plan you’d like for set amount…until then you’ll be paying 2.5¢/GB of storage and 5¢/GB of downloads!

I hope this information proves helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

so download from dreamObjects costs me 5¢ per GB !?

Correct. I didn’t think that was a whole lot. I just checked MaxCDN and they’re a minimum of 6¢/GB if you go beyond your pre-paid allocation.

I start to doubt that is a very stable hosting solution… just read another thread where norton didn’t like you

Harmful web site blocked

This web site has been reported as harmful.
We recommend that you do not visit this web site.

so I’m not surprised

@donald: that’s not the case, the full thread should also list that we solved the issue which was a bug in Norton. Some of these anti-virus companies don’t realize that is a hosting domain, and their alarms go off too broadly.

We have already engaged with Norton in the past and thought we cleared the issue… In fact, if I click on their reporting tool online I see the site is marked as safe:

Please, if your users or yourself see Norton or other antivirus flagging incorrectly, please immediately open a ticket with DreamHost support on

For your reference please go through the checklist for creating video streaming website.