Video Sharing Web Site

Hi, Actually I want to create a web site like youtube. Can I accomplish this
with dreamhost. I want my users to upload in there preferred format and
automatically convert them to flv on server side. I found the script i was
looking for at

Can you please send me some help to implement it on my site. :):slight_smile:
Please help guys.

If you want to create something like YouTube, you’re in for a lot of work. You may want to take a look at something like Gallery, which is a One-Click install here. It’ll handle a variety of video formats, and it has some dynamic album creation based upon specific criteria.


Thanks sdayman, It is ok. I am willing tohandled the work load. Just in need of a algorithm to show up video thumbnails and converting them on the fly FLV. Found one such script called phpmotion. But I want create my own. Anyway I’ll try to customize the gallery if it suits me. Thank you again.