Video Plugin for Joomla

I thought this was important enough to start a thread on it. It’s not a brandnew release, but I didn’t realize the power of this Joomla plugin. I doubt it will be free for long. You can upload any sort of video and it seems to take it in stride. They talk about doing the conversion manually, but that’s just an enhancement if you want it to be automated. You gotta see this thing. It’s available from the great folks at JoomlaWorks

You can see it in action on my site here:

Thanks for putting this up! I had installed it but have not tried it yet. I have a video site that uses pop-ups – click on a .jpg and you get a new window with the video. I use just Flash 8 and stream. It works fine now even on IE, no delay for loading and playback. You can see it on

Does this plugin allow for pop-ups? It’s an aesthetics thing, but it is nice to be able to embed a small thumbnail still in text and then have a larger window open up in a corner of the screen so you can still refer to text.

The other thing I noticed was that on my system, FF OS X, I would lose the whenl I clicked another area of the page. I could still see the player control bar, so it was no problem getting it back. But I can see how it would be an issue for visitors.

Thanks for putting it up.