Video not accessible?

I recently uploaded a quicktime video to my webserver.
I uploaded it to my quicktime streaming folder
it shows two links to access the file:
For some reason… I cant get the links to work.
I would like to put them on my Word Press webpage and
also be able to stream the video via a web browser that has quicktime installed in it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

when i try to access your subdomain it gave me an error

RTSP/1.0 400 Bad Request Server: DSS/5.5 (Build/489.7; Platform/Linux; Release/Darwin; ) Cseq: Connection: Close

is your subdomain working?

Maybe you wanna refer to some articles in wiki

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I guess its not working… and i have poured over wiki items for hours… I just dont get it.
what should i do if the sub domain isnt working?


I am trying to add my quicktime streaming sub domains and i get this message: Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system.I have no clue what to do.


if the subdomain does not belong to you, you won’t see it under Manage domains. check your DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains

if the domain is not yours and you see this message, you have to use another subdomain name.

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Is it important that it has to be Quicktime? If not, you can have Dreamhost convert the file to streaming Flash media, and they have a nifty little Flash player you can use to embed it on your site.

The Flash media converter is under the Goodies menu in your admin panel. You just tell it where you’ve uploaded your file and what resolution you want it to be and it will chug away on the conversion. It can take a little while on large files, so you can have it e-mail you when it’s ready. The Flash embedding code is posted at

I have these 2 :

listed as sub domains under the: Review your QuickTime Streaming Services.
Do I have to register these with DH ? like I did with ?

and yes the media has to be Quicktime.

thanks everyone for your help


[quote]I have these 2 :[quote]

Then it is your subdomain.

no. you do not need to register a subdomain. just add one under Manage Domains section.

I’m not familiar with Quicktime streaming. But you can upload a normal text file to your subdomain and try to access it through explorer. If you can’t access the file, it means something is wrong with the domain and I’ll suggest you to contact DH support.

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Contact support and hope they can fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That wiki article is useless. I’d edit it, but I can’t stay logged in because they won’t upgrade MediaWiki. :stuck_out_tongue: