Video for Site


Hello and thanks in advance for your attention.

Simply put:

Building my first site.

It’s an education site and I need to import video from my camera, to my iMac (iphoto or imovie, whichever is best), edit it, export it and upload it to my wordpress site (flash, quicktime…not sure how to make it happen).

Already tried once, but the 2 minute video was apparently too large! Not sure where to turn from here. Can’t imagine this is a difficult thing to accomplish.

Hopefully someone can help.



Video can be extremely frustrating to upload due to the size, and playback can be just as bad. Mac iOS can’t play FLV, which are the smallest, and not all browsers support all other movie types.

The easiest way to do what you want is to use a third-party to host videos (YouTube or Vimeo, for example). You can upload in any format, they will convert it, and then you can just paste the URL into your WordPress blog post on it’s own line, and it’ll show up perfectly.


I really appreciate your reply. Thanks so much.

The vision I have for my site is to have a membership-type setup and clients would pay to be members. Then, they would have access to the video tutorials. Would uploading it to Youtube (or Vimeo/other) make the videos accessible to the public?

Thanks again and looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards.


I don’t believe YouTube offers that feature at all.

Vimeo, for $10 a month, does by allowing you to ‘lock’ your videos so they can only be embedded on your site. Mind, Vimeo doesn’t like it if your videos are commercial in nature, so you’d have to watch out for that.

VideoPress ( is $60 a year and permits you to have private videos as well.

(Before someone notes how much a hassle it is and that it costs money, I will point out that doing all this yourself is even worse, because you have to protect yourself against people who would just view the source of your webpage and download the video. Instead of having to hide your video source URL (easily defeated by the way) or encrypting data, and having to install video playing software, plus managing multiple versions of the file-type for difference devices, it’s easier in the long run to pay the experts for it. After all, you could run your own website off a computer in your basement, but there’s a reason you pay folks for it :wink: )