Video files failing to play


Hi guys,

I have a site thats has video files for members to watch.

Things have been running fine, but just recently there have been some problems accessing the video files.

when trying to watch a video (eg. 50mb mp4) the Plugings load , then it says its done in less than a second when it should take much longer… and no video.

I’ve set up the .htaccess to stop hot linking from any other domain other than the ones I specified or by direct URL links, the .htaccess file seems to be ok and is the same as it was when
things were working fine.

Any ideas?
Has DH changed anything?

Thanks in advance.



Out of curiosity, how come you’re not using Quicktime Streaming?

Why not disable the anti-hotlinking and see if that’ll work?

Did you exceed your bandwidth?



I have all types of video files .mp4 .mov .mpeg .mpg .wmv .avi etc…

so I don’t use streaming. Also I prefer progressive downloads over streaming.

I think I will turn off the hotlinking and see if that makes a difference. I seriuosly doubt I’ll exceed by DH bandwidth :wink: