Video encoding libs avaialbility?

I wonder if any of following libraries
Mplayer + Mencoder
flv2tool + GD Library
Libogg + Libvorbis
LAME MP3 Encoder

ara ailable on my server i think my accound is on olds.

An installation of the ffmpeg executable is available on most, if not all, servers. Run “which ffmpeg” from the shell to see on your server.

The rest of the stuff sounds like the typical “YouTube” clone menu, and is not available by default, but you can install it yourself if you have the expertise.

There are many threads about all of this on these forums, as well as a user here that offers custom installs of these tools on a DreamHost account for a fee. Search for threads with a user name of netbrix (here is just one example)


What’s the path to ffmpeg?

Drupal’s Video module wants the path.

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From my first post in this thread, “Run “which ffmpeg” from the shell to see on your server.”

On my server, the path is: