Very unhappy

I am hoping this is the right place to post this… I am at my wits end with a consistant problem I am having with my site on Dreamhost.

I have been at DH for about 3 months and over that time I have had 5 seperate times when my site has been un-accessable.

It happened again last week and my site was down for 4 hours (I am on the Riptide Server) and when it came back up… the support notified me that all was ok and someone was hogging? the server.

Today I tried ftp’ing some files… and my ftp program just hung… displaying no directories. (I thought OMG… this cannot be happening again)

So I checked the site and it took 5 mins to load a page. As this is my business site… that is a bit too long in my book.

Is anyone else on Riptide (or other server) that is experiencing similar things.

I came over to DH as there were recommended but I am losing pateince and business.

I am sick of the BS … and have never heard (nor experienced this with other hosts). I just want my site to be working!

Any thoughts or suggestions…


Simon B

Your site does seem fairly slow at this time, I suggest you notify support asking them to look into the slowness and downtime, that’s the only way it will be fixed. I went through something similar recently, I passed on some relevant info from my site monitoring service, I assume DH found the issue since my server has been rock solid since.

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Thanks Shonky…

I have heard back from support (I certainly cannot fault that side of DH)… and seems someone was running a proxy server of the Riptide server. They will be taking care of this.

Fingers crossed.

Thank for your input.


Simon B

Not a problem Simon, it pays to keep on top of whats happening on the server I’ve found.

If you report problems with CPU usage Dreamhost are happy to sort it out if they are asked the right way. I’m not one of the types that asks to be moved from one server to another all the time in the hope that they get away from the problems, I find that is counter productive and doesn’t fix any issues with the server you are currently on, I prefer to stay put and have busy users moved elsewhere. :slight_smile:

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I am also on riptide and right now all my sites are down… for a while now. Is riptide like the newcomers server, the server where all bad things are likely to happen? I have transfered my domains to DH three months ago, too.

Very true shonky and agree… better to sort out the problem.

Have have doen a tracert to my site and submitted it to DH… and there are going to take a look.

@ alex25… keep an eye on it and keep reporting the problem. While there appears to be some hitchs on the Riptide… they are very good at replying and trying to fix.

Maybe also do a traceroute and submit… the more they have the easier it will be to find the problem (I guess.

Copy and paste results.


After sending in the routetrace data, DH has looked at it and it appreas there is a problem with the Riptide server…

“It appears that the problem is with the Riptide server itself, Right now
the admins are working on it, they are setting up a new kernel and some
other needed maintenance, it should be working within the next few hours”

So fingers crossed…