Very slow wordpress -website

I have only one website on dreamhost. For one reason or another, opening the site take anything from 8-60 seconds. This is VERY slow.

Any idea what’s wrong? Was planning transfer sites on dreamhost, but this has really changed my my plans.

Yes, several ideas, but without more information from you, it’s impossible to give any specific information.

How many plugins do you have? How complex is your theme? Are you including a lot of videos or images on your front page? Do you have a lot of disabled themes/plugins still installed? Are you on shared hosting or VPS? Which version of PHP are you using?

You haven’t even included a link to the website in question. This is a bit like calling your doctor, telling him you don’t feel well, and then asking for a prescription.

Only a few plugins. I have W3 Total Cache installed. No videos, no pictures, just text. Shared hosting. PHP 5.4.

This is the slowest experience I’ve had with shared hosting, ever. WHEN the site loads, it’s lightning fast. It just takes ages to connect to it. Sometimes the site just stops loading alltogether.

I’m starting to think this has to do with geology. Buying webspace from another continent seems to be a bad idea. :slight_smile:

Where are you accessing your site from? Dreamhost has servers both in California and Pennsylvania. Switching servers may help you out.

Our East Coast location is in Ashburn, Virginia; not Pennsylvania.

That being said, if your site’s running as slow as you say, there’s probably something more going on. If you’re not comfortable giving us a link to the site here, contact our Support team and they’ll have a look.