VERY Slow website. Please loosing customers here


My website:
Hosted here on Dreamhost is VERY slow. In fact I cant even load the page… Someone please do something about it as I already got a lot of complains !!

This sucks.


It all seems fine to me. You appear to have several active users online, according to the forum software. Have you run a trace to see if you are having network issues?

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Super quick for me. I’m in L.A., so I’m pretty darned closed to the server.



it’s loading and running pretty quick … we are in Central New York using time warner


I’m having the same experience as the others who went to test your site:

The site is fast and responsive with 35 users and 30 guests “online”.



Well about half an hour later it worked again.
But right now it doesnt load again :S

Having some serious trouble here !!


Still awesome for me. I’m in Philadelphia, using a Comcast 6 Mbit/sec cable connection.

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I suggest you go with a free service such as and see how it responds. You can also Google for “free monitoring service” for other options.



I also suggest setting up a test site or page with static content that you can monitor either manually or automatically. I have one and it’s performance helps tells me whether the problem is my site or my server (the problem has never been my site) because if serving up static content is slow, then the problem lies with the server. Of course, there is the small possibility that the problem lies with your network or internet connection.

I had a problem recently that I eventually tracked down to an MTU problem on my sister’s wireless router. Several websites were real slow or required several refreshes to work properly.

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Site seems to work fine here (though you might want to reread Dreamhost ToS as to its content).

You could open a support ticket asking DH support to look into your server’s performance (if you suspect your server is overloaded), though optimization of your own software would still be up to you.


I’m having the same problem…My site has been up and down all day today.

Word I got from support was that a file server was on the fritz and all servers attached to the problematic file server would hiccup when it did.


I’m on 7up BTW


I’m having the same problem…My site has been up and down all day today.

lipton notice Your web server was under a high load at the time of testing.

and mysql goofy


Same here on the miata server. Doesnt load again for me right now.


Thanks for sharing your experiences, but understand that when you do not provide a link to your site, no one can check to see if they are experiencing the same trouble you are having.

This makes it impossible to tell if your site/server is having issues, or of you are experiencing a connectivity issue.

“My site is slow on server ‘whatever’” doesn’t really tell us much! :wink:



As stated in my first post my website is:

I tested with and in all countries it is down !! Server is down :S


I’m sorry … I got confused with the multiple posters … now I remember your original post … and I can’t load your site either at present (continually shows “loading…”) :frowning:



And thw worst thing is that it happend about 5 times in the past 3 days.


Have you logged into the shell and checked your server’s load numbers when you are having these problems?



It happens to us, , a lot. Server loads on the butler server are very, very high. Constantly.

We contact Tech support and they tell us that they cannot find anything out of the ordinary.

I would say that there either is a site, hosted on butler, that is extremely popular or there is a hardware problem. That is a guess, as I am not able to put hands-on with the server.

We have signed up for PS, in the hopes of mitigating the problem, but have received no word on time-to-implementation. I have, yet again, sent in a ticket on the server issue, but have received no reply. I guess I am starting to get the “pest” reputation, something I have taken pains to avoid.

Living with 75-125 second page load times is starting to take the fun out of things. They are definately hurting traffic.


My site just got online again. Your site is indeed slow as can be :S