Very slow site

My site at has slowed significantly in the last few days - can’t seem to find a cause - can a DreamHost Staff Member help?


Hello Elaeer,

Thank you for contacting us. I looked into your sites and found there was a slight hiccup with the apache service. I was able to get everything sorted out and your site now resolves without issue.

If you do run into any other snags along the way please be sure to send our support team a ticket here or you can even reach us on twitter @DreamHostCare

Matt C

Is there something wrong on the servers again :frowning:
It has been taking over 20 seconds to load a page.

I looked into your sites further and found a few issues. I sent an email with details / server logs and a few suggestions on how to fix the issue. If you have any questions or need more support please reply back to that email.

Matt C took 38 seconds to connect from San Diego, California which I consider slow.

longer than 120 seconds for me at this time.

About 5 seconds for me. I wonder if we’re still having a little latency issue after last night’s shenanigans.

smells more like the apache thing =]

Same thing seems to be going on with my site. 30+ seconds or more before the page loads, on a couple of occasions I just got a connection time out. Quite frustrating.

Elaeer, the Apache service was hanging again, which was causing the slow load on your site. I killed off the old processes and it’s loading quickly again. The Apache service you’re on is a little crowded; I’d like to try moving your domain to a less crowded Apache instance to see if it fares better there. I’ll email you!

Berg, it looks like you were helped by our support team. Hanging Apache there too :confused: If it happens again let me know; I’ll see what can be done for your site.

Hi, I’m having the same problem here. After 4 support requests they moved the domain to a different apache process. About a week later the problem popped up again. It’s been fine after the last restart (as far as I know).

Now the problem is popping up again on another website on a different account (one I recommended dreamhost to). A simple php script takes 20 seconds to load. I’ve got another support request in, and I’m sure it will work fine after the restart, but I’m getting a little tired of sending support requests for this same issue.

Can anything be done to permanently resolve this problem?

We are all experimenting the infamous 30s Apache delay, the well known “DH bug”, the one they can’t fix, the one already discussed in 9 pages and 16000+ viewers in the other thread :

Myself I just opened again a support ticket #6125950. And again they will restart the apache instance, they will apologize for the inconvenience, they will say all my sites are fine now, they will propose to move me to another apache instance (which they already did but are not able to check…). But, again, my visitors and I will wait 24 hours before this happens.

… “the one they can’t fix” …

I’m guessing they have made a strategic decision to not try to fix it, hoping it goes away of its own accord next time they have an operating system upgrade.