Very Slow Site Speed

Hi, I have very slow site speed the last several days including on wordpress admin. How can I look into this, what can I do to fix?

Considering the amount of way too big photo’s on there it is not so bad. All loaded within 5 seconds.
I would start with reducing the photo kb size, because they are all between 150-250 kb and for photo’s pixel size size 600x400 they could easily be reduced to 40-50 kb each, without loosing details

Thanks but under 5 seconds was what i was getting 5 days ago. Now I’m getting over 20 seconds including on WP Dashboard where there are no images. Can anyone help with this please?

I don’t have alarming 20 second page loads on your site either, so this might be the path between you and dreamhost. i agree with ronthai that you could improve performance by tweaking image sizes.

tracert is one of the tools you can use to confirm or deny a problem along the route.

in windows open a ‘cmd’ window and type ‘tracert’. It’s a little difficult to cut and paste from a windows cmd window, but if you need help understanding the results you should google for the steps to copy from a windows cmd window and paste the results in this thread.