Very slow PhpGedView connection (Pedigree Chart) and Google's Page Speed test result


I use dreamhost to host the PhpGedView application, but it is very very slow.
Can some experts help me to fix the following performance problems identified by a web performance tools (Page Speed Score: 0/100). The number 1. “inconsistent URL” appears to be site related, as I tested with their demo site, which didn’t show the problem and it is very fast. It could reduce a lot of traffic if the problem can be resolved. I tried both one-click and svn versions of the PhpGedView code with similar result.

Page Speed Result:

  1. The following resources have identical contents, but are served from different URLs. Serve these resources from a consistent URL to save 663 request(s) and 8.6MiB.
    Repeat hundreds of times ……”

2 Minify JavaScript
Minifying the following JavaScript resources could reduce their size by 7.6MiB (84% reduction).
Minifying “…” could save 11.6KiB (87% reduction).
Repeat hundred times …

  1. Minimize request size
    The requests for the following URLs don’t fit in a single packet. Reducing the size of these requests could reduce latency.