Very slow PHP since server move

Ever since my web server was migrated from nair-al-saif to goatsbeard and my mysql was migrated from piranha to drum, my php has been very slow to execute. It sometimes takes up to 20 seconds when it used to take about 1.5. Static files seem to be as fast as ever though.

I’m running a wordpress blog and I haven’t changed anything since the server migration.

Would there be something different about the configuration of these new servers that I should be aware of?

check here in the panel and see if webserver and db server are in the same datacenter.

Also have you opened a ticket? What did support say?

I am having a similar issue – I’ve been having a terrible time in the past few weeks with 10 different websites, only half of which are Wordpress sites. My domains are all on revolution but my dbs are all on cod:nicholl. @LakeRat, could the difference in servers be causing this type of problem?

I have a ticket in with support since yesterday but they claim that their tests show no problems (i.e. no load issues, no errors and no record of reboots). When I test my sites on Pingdom I’m getting page loads of 60 seconds plus.

The problem is not limited to wordpress sites, you only hear more about it with reguard to WP sites because there are many more of them than anything else.

Regarding servers… your webserver and database server will always be different at dreamhost. The question is if they are physically located in the same dreamhost datacenter (dreamhost has 3 datacenters–two on the west coast and one one the East Coast). You can find out where yours are located at the panel link I gave above.

I also replied to you here.

Well this is downright comical. I just went to go check my Dreamhost panel again, as you suggested, and now I can’t even load my panel. I get “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.” Tried refreshing the page and it’s just churning away. Several users on Twitter reporting panel being down too.

Also, I saw your post on the other thread, so thanks for that, I appreciate the help. I’ll test out the cron thing (when I can log in- ha!) and see what happens…