VERY SLOW page load times

I was under 20sec to load my site frontpage. Does it’s normal slow at this point? anyone can help?

I have exactly the same problem. Had this yesterday and on friday aswell, exactly at the same time. Site starts to load slow, gets slower and slower, and after like 30 minutes everything’s back to normal. This repeats several times until the problem completely diasappears until the next day at the same time.

Support already told me the servers my site uses all work properly, it has to be my site… Just strange that all the other sites which are on the same IP as mine are exactly as slow :frowning:

You should definitely report this, it’s still VERY slow. Way slower than my dreamhosted sites.


The page uses many 2nd or 3rd site images and scripts. Therefore, the speed of your site depends on the speed of several other sites too.

Now that I’ve Addblocked most of those, your page loads faster (even after clearing cache).

I thought we had more reports than just a single site. Yes, I can write up a site that is achingly slow and ad servers can make it worse but I figured two people reporting abnormal performance MAY be server/network related.

I was just guessing. Given the DOS attacks recently it might still be good to report it.


Everything on my server is loading slow the last two days. I have been trying to make changes to some of my sites and when I go to check the changes are not there. I have been trying to install a script for more than 24hrs now and i keep getting a “cannot be found” error. The response time for support is horrendous. It really makes me question I am still with this damn host.