Very slow connection to dreamhost



i am completely new to dreamhost. A client of mine has a new hosting plan here…
Any connection (at least in the moment) to dreamhost seems to be very slow for me - the control panel is slow, this forum is slow and ftp connection to dreamhost (bruno) is so slow that i did not manage to upload 5MB of scripts, because i constantly run into connection reset error or control connection lost messages. Even the webftp does not work - after clicking on the link in the control panel just keeps loading for ages and in best case spits an error message after minutes, saying i cant login with this username (but i clicked the link next to the username in the control panel…)
Can anybody tell me what´s going on?

am sitting in the netherlands, isp is UPC but i dont have these kind of problems with any other hosting companies worldwide…


just saw a system status update on the control panel…
that´s the reason for all the problems i had all day - very late to communicate a major system down, but at least i know what is going on now.


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