VERY slow/500 Internal Server Error



My domains are all EXTREMELY slow right now and I’m getting 500 Internal Server Errors.

When will this be fixed? I earn income by posting on my blogs so this extended downtime is not a good thing.

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We’re all just customers here. For official support, you’ll have to submit a ticket in the panel.

It could be that your server is just heavily loaded. If you have Shell access, log in and type in ‘w’ or ‘uptime’ to see what the load’s like. If it’s above 5, it’s a bit much.

If you’re income-dependent on your websites, shared hosting isn’t the most reliable approach. Check into Private Servers here, or dedicated servers at one of the big-name dedicated host providers.

EDIT: The MM site wasn’t coming up for me when I started the post, but both are working fine now.



I’m trying to take a look at your sites to see if there is some obvious reason for the slow loading, but in the meantime, have you:

  1. Checked the load on your server top see if it is exceptionally high (which will often indicate that a user on your server is running something that is negatively impacting performance)?

  2. Generated a support request from within the Control Panel to see if Tech Support can identify what might be the cause of the problem?

If you are running WordPress, a large number of plugins, or certain plugins by themselves can create these kinds of problems.

Additionally, are you using wp-cache?



Yes, I have a problem ticket pending… but their preliminary report was “there is no problem” when clearly there is. I was hoping posting something in here would stir up the techies a bit and get the problem dealt with, esp. since there’s no way to contact DH by phone.
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You’ve got a lot of stuff going on in your WordPress - various plugins, hotlinked images, etc. Have you tried seeing whether:

  1. A regular static page loads fast for your a domain on your server.
  2. A vanilla WordPress blog loads acceptably on your server.

You want to eliminate the performance of your specific blog with plugins as being the source of the problem. If your stuff is high traffic, it could even be that you’re the cause of the slowdown! (Gasp!) I know that’s probably not the case, but I’d recommend eliminating it as a possibility.

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As I, and Scott, suggested, you can help Tech Support by monitoring your server’s load from the shell. If, when they check, things are running fine, it’s hard for them to get overly concerned.

Right now, both the sites in your sig are loading fine for me, but they were slow earlier. It would help you,and Tech Support, to know what the server loads were during those “slow” times as well as the “faster” times. :wink:

You also did not indicate whether or not you are using Wp-cache, and that can be important.

Lensman also correctly points out that you have a good deal of “latency load” built into your site with all you have going on “off site” on a page load (Google Analytics, site stats, etc.). Everytime you go “offsite” to “get” something, you intoduce another whole set of variable into the “what could be making my site slow” equation.

Again, you should look seriously at what, and how many, WP Plugins you are running. They can bring a site to it’s knees.

Now that you have some of the techies “stirred up” enough to offer some constructive suggestions, following through on some of the suggestions you have been given might help you help yourself, and might help DreamHost help you! [smiled]



I’m having the same problem right now. During last few days, access was slower than usual. Now no site is accessible and it took me a few minutes to log in using SSH. I submitted a ticket, if they don’t give me a reasonable answer I’ll be looking for other hosting options. This is not acceptable for any site, commercial or not.

Here is the current load:
20:24:19 up 17:39, 1 user, load average: 2.39, 1.62, 2.01

Not a big deal for such a horrible latency.


@ irg: Are you running a vanilla or a modified copy?

There’s no link in your post or profile for anyone to check your site.