Very simple uploading problem


So I am really new to this and having a very stupid problem that is drving me crazy. my domain is and i don’t have anything on there yet but a link to my flickr page. Today i uploaded 2 pictures into my domain directory that i wanted to post in an online forum. I though the img url would be but that doesn’t work. i can’t seem to figure out the url of my images. i can access the picture through ftp but when i change the ftp to http i get a file not found message. How do i make a direct url to my images? Thanks for the help.

the name of the image is kachinapeakflags.jpg if that helps.


Make sure you uploaded to the folder on the server. I’d also suggest that you create an “images” folder inside the folder just to keep things clean and easier to maintain.



Thank you so much. I can’t believe I didn’t try that, i didn’t put it in the folder!!!