Very poor customer service

I made a simple and legitimate (and extremely polite!!!) enquiry about my recent joining up for webhosting and the fact that my account had supposedly been disabled, and received the extremely unhelpful, extremely rude, one-line response that “Your account has been disabled for fraud. Thanks! John”.

What sort of customer service is this???

Seriously, WTF? If there was a problem with my credit card payment - SAY SO!!!

If you believed that something else was strange with my application - SAY SO!!!

How the hell am I supposed to work out what went wrong if all I receive is a juvenile response like this??

Not at all what I expected after half a dozen of my friends recently signed up with dreamhost and highly recommended it. In fact, extremely poor service, worse than I could have possibly imagined. I am really amazed, given the amount of positive stuff I’ve read about dreamhost.

Very disappointing. I can understand the need to screen accounts and applications for irregularities, but to assume your system is flawless and therefore the person is no longer to be corresponded with (which is the impression I got here) is just stupid.

And yes, I have submitted another ticket so let’s see what gem of a response they’ll come up with next. I’m just venting. FFS.

Cheers :slight_smile:

OK, just so I don’t let this thread finish on a grumpy note - a follow up…

They did get back to me with an apology for the initial curt response and the explanation that they have had a lot of fraudulent signups lately… they were pretty good about it so fair enough, all good.

Speaking as just another customer, that first response is not what we are used to from DH, so it’s something that got my attention. I can understand your initial reaction, and I’m glad to hear you came back to report that all is well.

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