Very noob dns question

Hi. I’m very very new to siteground, so forgive me.
I wish you can help me what do I have to exactly put on domain dns settings in order to point to dreamhost.

I found in the wiki this:

Speaking of nameservers… now that you’ve confirmed everything’s good to go on our side, it’s time for the moment of truth. Flipping the DNS switch. You’ll need to login to the control panel with your current host (or contact their support team) to modify the nameservers to the following:

should I use the number or
writing both in the same domain name server line, I get an error…

Dns setting should be “default” or “custom”?

actually my domain is on siteground… I wanna point it at dreamhost…
please helppppp

General Settings Help
Retype Password
DNS Information Help
DNS Settings Default Custom
Domain Name Server 1
Domain Name Server 2
Domain Name Server 3
Domain Name Server 4
Domain Name Server 5
Host Records Help
To enable host records, you need to use the default DNS settings.
Host Name Address Record Type
Email Settings Help
To enable email settings, you need to use the default DNS settings.

You can use either, but best to use the domain names ( etc.), as the IP addresses could possibly change in the future.

I am not familiar with SiteGround, but I assume that ‘default DNS settings’ would refer to the SiteGround DNS servers. In that case you should select ‘Custom’

Note: It will take a little while (up to a few days) for the new DNS information to propagate around the Internet.


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thanks alot!
so, now, seems I’ll have to wait :slight_smile: