Very new

Is there a chance something went wrong with my registration? I see no domain and when I go to billing plans I see my only option are priced higher then the one I registered for using coupon.

Would appriciate help :slight_smile:

If you didn’t sign up with a coupon, you can close the account and open a new account. It is good that you see no domain in your hosting plan because domain registration fee is not refundable.

I did sighn with the coupon, thats why I think something went wrong. Also, I dont seem to have a “close account” option. Looked at the wiki and its just not where it should be… Is it due the the accound being “pending” still?

You can’t close it because it is not activated yet. If you are sure something is wrong with the coupon or sign up process, you will have to contact DH support to have it fixed.
DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support