VERY new to this

I’ve just signed up with Dreamhost, I’ve used other web-hosting sites like Tripod, they’ve had options such as file managers where I can create and manage my html files for the web. Does Dreamhost offer anything like this?

Hi, welcome to Dreamhost.

DH has a lot of neat stuff in the user panel, so you should definitely explore.

However, I think what you’re talking about mainly is an online WYSIWIG HTML interface like Tripod’s Site Builder. Sorry, but the answer is no, Dreamhost doesn’t have any functionality like that. In order to create/edit websites, you’re going to have to create them using HTML or get your hands on some software that does it for you like Macromedia’s Dreamweaver or Microsoft’s Frontpage. There are plenty of free HTML editors out there, you can just Google for them.

I know others around here have there personal preference, but you should check out some sites that introduce you to creating web sites using HTML. One site I think is very helpful for people just starting out is HTML Goodies.

There are several basic ‘plug and play’ things you might want to look at in the panel under the ‘Goodies’ section: counters, guestbooks, user poll, blog, and forums (the last three are listed under ‘SolidComponents’).

Good luck!