Very new at webdesign

I think i have done everything correct but don’t know where to design the page at. I have the webhosting through Dreamhost and my domain through and i think i set my domain up w/ google apps. I have no idea where to go from here. Will anyone help? i can try to explain more if needed.

Well it really depends on just how much experience you have. Is it practically none? What type of website are you trying to make? Did you change the dns settings over at namecheap to point them to DH servers? If you don’t know how to build pages I would recommend you trying out some of the one-click installs (such as a custom installation of wordpress perhaps). That would at least have your site ‘out there’ and you can start adding content immediately.

In addition to that I would try to learn some basics as far as html, php, mysql because that will really come in handy if you want to be a web developer. There are tons of free resources available online. has always been one of my favorite sites for that sort of thing.

If the domain was registered at, then the nameservers are quite certainly pointing at namecheap still. Your first step would have to be changing your Nameservers… they will require at least 2, the more the better. Then you replace their DNS/nameservers with Dreamhost’s… which are:


Once your primary/secondary/tertiary nameservers have been changed from theirs to Dreamhost’s… go ahead and add the domain to Dreamhost’s control panel, under Manage Domains. It will keep checking up until it sees it has control of the domain’s DNS records, then everything should be good. Is that what you were trying to accomplish?

Wait, you said you think you set your domain up with Google Apps? Did you “create” or register the domain from their setup? I could give you more information, but I’d need to know the domain name so I could look this information up. If you want me to do so, you can post it here or send it to me in a private message and I will give you all of the info that will hopefully set you straight.

Well some time ago I moved my website to dreamhost registration first, then the hosting. But I cannot access the site till this day? Really I wanted to get new software for a new site, but can’t load the programe. Got someone else to look, they could not fix it eather. Dreamhost say all is good but I can’t look at the site? maybe you can! The old software is called Mambo and it’s very slow and complicated…really I want a new simple site. Maybe some body can help!

Oh wow… you’re just about nearly there. You will upload content via FTP. WebFTP will be easiest for you. Just go to “Manage Domains” in the left menu, and then look for your domain in the list. You should see it listed there… if not, hit Add Domain/Subdomain, and type the name in (just the part). Obviously it’s there if you’ve already installed concrete5. You have all checkmarks except for two small things.

In the same place, next to your domain, hit “Web FTP” and a “net2ftp” window should show up and let you login. You will see your files in there once it connects.

Next, you need to go into these folders – concrete/libraries/3rdparty and in that last folder you’ll see a file called “” hopefully. checkmark next to it, then hit CHMOD on the top right menu. Don’t worry about all the checkboxes, just type “755” in the bottom box with the number already in it then hit tab, and it will fix the checks for you… then hit the big green arrow. That fixes the part about CHMOD 755 that file. I see now that those are option, so you don’t truly have to do that, but I would.

You are 90% there at this point… that’s the good news. Adding this database will be the last major step to setting it up, and it’s good to learn, because most of them require you setup one.

Since it was a 1 click install… if it went ahead and already set up a database and all that, it should have given you the above info already, and so just enter that info and skip the manual making it yourself part. it should have made one on its own and said ok here’s the servername, database name, username and password, or emailed it to you. But failing that, you can always set it up manually by following these instructions ->

Next they want a database… so back to the control panel, the to MySQL databases.

If you see none in there, hit Add New Hostname. Put a hostname in the only textbox… “mysql” without quotes is fine. then hit add this hostname!

Ok, from here you’ll just fill out the boxes under ‘create database’

  1. make up a name. you can call it… taxserviceyearound_concrete5 for the “name”… then use hostname should be populated with like…

  2. in the user/username dropdown, i would select “create a new user” – this will be your concrete5 user login (it will use this account, not you, but remember it)

then from here it’s simple… pull up your site, fill in your info…

name of your site would be like Tax Services Yearound, then put your email. YOu can leave add sample stuff checked. after you enter all this info and hit “install concrete” either

a) it will successfully install concrete or
b) it’ll fail with some error message. if you get an error, come back and post it and we’ll fix it.

server -
username - whatever you made
password - whatever you set it to
database name - in my example, i named it “taxserviceyearound_concrete5”

Then we can proceed…

Wow…thank you so much, I will work on it may take me a bit of time but I will do it and get back to you:) hope i don’t srew it up :slight_smile:
Bye for now…Michael

Thanks again I am up & running! :slight_smile: