Very frustrated w/ DH "back end"

Hi, I’m a new user (obviously). I was asked to maintain a website hosted by DH after the first developer walked off the job. I was told “just a few tweaks” so I agreed.
DH is very confusing and frustrating to navigate and edit.
I’ve managed to copy over the orignal website files to prinkus_devincoleman and copy/create a database ro prinkusdrupal.
I’m now banging my head trying to point prinkus.devincoleman to the database prinkus_drupal
I’ve edited the settings.php file to
$databases = array (
‘default’ =>
array (
‘default’ =>
array (
‘database’ => ‘prinkus_drupal’,
‘username’ => ‘prinkus’,
‘password’ => ‘coleman135’,
‘host’ => ‘’,
‘port’ => ‘’,
‘driver’ => ‘mysql’,
‘prefix’ => ‘’,
As I understand it…this should work but it doesn’t can someone help?

additionally…whilst noodling around on DH I managed to get to a location where all the file/folders were listed in tree-like structure and I could “view, edit, open” individual files. There was also a green arrow on this page to initiate some actions.
NOW I CAN"T RELOCATE THIS PLACE!! Is this reached via the “admin” logon on webftp? The std webftp login does not present the same page or tools.
Where are the ser docs?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If ou can help pls do so.

Dude, this is nothing to do with DH. It is how the previous developer codes.

If you need to understand the file structures etc in DH, read these articles. Hope it helps

I’m also going to add that you need to quit opening new threads professing your newbiness and disdain with your acceptance of this the project to tweak the HTML of an existing site.

This is a very small community. I can assure you that, everyone that helps provide answers here reads every new post. Cross posting in multiple sections of the forum only leads to confusion and duplication.

Arguably almost every new thread you have started could have been a continuation of your very first, but you definitely don’t need two identical posts with different titles attached to them.

just curious, how much of your data was stolen after posting your database login/password on a public forum?