Very frustrated - Cannot create new database


New user here. Migrated all my sites to DreamHost and could not be happier. Hilariously fast page loading speeds, great GUI and tools, I am a happy camper. Minus one big issue.

I’m an experienced web designer and have been using WordPress for many years. No matter what I do, I cannot create a database from the control panel AND have it show up in PHPmyAdmin. Control panel shows 2 databases (I have two sites w/ DreamHost, one shows up fine in PHPmyAdmin other does NOT).

I tried reinstalling WordPress and did one-step install vs. unguided manual WP install. Both have no impact on this issue.

As of now, one of my domains is working 100% and showing database in PHPmyAdmin.

However, my second site will NOT appear in PHPmyAdmin no matter what I do. I am going crazy. I can’t move forward with importing web content for this site without a database, of course. :wink:

Someone please, help me?

Thank you kindly!


Database shows up in control panel only - PHPmyAdmin is NOT showing the database. Tried a dozen times over 3 days. Nothing works. I’m very frustrated. Why is it appearing in control panel but not PHPmyAdmin? It’s been weeks since I migrated to DreamHost. How long does it take usually to show up in Admin?

Databases do not take long to show up in phpMyAdmin. Are you sure you created the database using the same user as the other database? My guess would be that they are on different users and that’s why you can’t see the one database.

If you did create it on the same user, then I would contact support through the panel.