Very disappointing


Today all my sites were down and then uploaded with a 3 days old backup, and now are very slow… or not working.
Very disappointing.


Which server are you at? That sounds like a severe system problem and DH had to restore your files.

Submit a ticket to DH support and they will explain what happened.

PS: always backup the files on your own


Yes, I have my own backups, but not from the last 2 days.
More than 24hs and nobody from Dreamhost explain to me what happen …
Some of my sites still no working… loosing money and time…
I think is not serious that the support dont give an explanation… so we can organize… we cant access to the site, so we can not do anything…

I am a customer since 2008, but if it continues so bad, I will find out where to move.

Thanks patricktan


Your sites are?


Are you on shared servers or VPS?

It is a bad experience not to hear anything back from support within 24 hours. I assume you’ve submitted a “OMG” ticket. If not, do it now.

Are you able to SSH to your server? What do you see in your log files (/home/yourusername/logs/)?


Hi patricktan
Im on a share server, and I submit more than 5 tickets and I dont received response to any of them. Is what most concerns me!
I will check how to make my own daily backups and I will see how its going… but i will start to check for another hostings services, because I dont feel safe and much less well served.
It’s a shame.



And your sites are (second request)??


That was a very bad experience to you.

I’ve been submitting tickets to DH support in the past 3 days asking about the pricing of my VPS. I received response almost instantly.

Tell us your sites. Let’s see what we can find out.


I have been down for almost 4 days. No response. I just want my files so i can move.

Hello Rackspace.

*Edit - i am on a VPS as well.


And what site are we talking about here? Which domain?


thats probably because they can smell money that your getting quick replies, when DH make a mistake replies are uber slow