Very Disappointed In Dreamhost

I’m as much of a technical noob as the next guy - but come on - you gotta bring your data with you.

There are a lotta people around here and other forums around the net willing to help, there are plenty of guides you could be consulting. I haven’t transferred a domain across servers before but I’d want to spend about 3 days reading about it before I tried.

Is there a recent website backup you can use? Do you even need to have the DNS pointed to Yahoo to access your files from them? (I honestly don’t know)

Of course, if you really think its all Dreamhost’s fault you can just cancel…But that doesn’t exactly help you get your site back online sooner, does it?

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No offense, but switching webhosts takes a lot of planning (check out my thread and how many questions I asked here before I even considered switching). Switching anything related to DNS is even messier, because of the delay in DNS information propagation, so any mistake you make becomes very, very expensive. It’s unfortunate that you had to learn this the hard way, but by all means, please don’t blame it on DreamHost, because I don’t think they’re to blame (well, maybe their marketing people are :wink: after all).

I’m not being rude, just brutally honest… and I’m not saying that you’re incompetent or anything, but if you have a popular blog, or any other mission critical web-based component of your business/daily life/whatever, please either take the time to research the process in detail yourself before you start or hire/ask a consultant to do the legwork for you. The worst you can do is assume; that’s guaranteed to land you in hot water whether you’re switching webhosts or painting a fence.

I will agree with you that marketing people (not DreamHost specifically; in general) make it sound too easy and can be misleading, but then again, do you take all marketing materials 100% seriously? In this age of instant gratification it’s easy to lose track of the fact that IT can be complex, because it is complex, no matter what anyone (marketing or otherwise) says. That’s especially true nowadays, because everywhere you look IT is marketed as “just works” (e.g. Apple and Microsoft); aside from undermining the true value of experienced and educated IT consultants, it lessens the value of IT as an industry in general by commoditizing it. While commoditization of certain things can’t be helped, some things just can’t be (or rather shouldn’t be) commoditized if you care about the outcome and the bottom line.

I know what you mean! They should make those links to the info on what you need to do that are included in your setup email jump out of your computer and yell “HERE I AM, READ ME”!!!

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You’re right. It’s clearly their fault that you’re not smart enough to be on the internet!

Same thing happened to me when I moved from my old house. I got here and there wasn’t any furniture, clothes, food, family members, etc… because no one told me I had to bring that stuff with me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hale, if you don’t even know how to git a damn email then you really DON’T need to be on the internet.

Listen here little feller, I am all cool with folks bein ignernt, as long as they are humble about it and are willin to seek out the info they need and learn… but you’re just lashin aroun and blamin OTHERS for YOU bein stump fukin dumb. My guess is that both DH and the good folks of this fine forum will be much better off when you go back and hang out at Yahoo’s peer support forums… if they had any, I mean.

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” - Elvis Presley

Kindly go foo yourself with a sharp object.

Evidently you know it to be true or you wouldn’t have deleted the main evidence of your dumb assness, your original post.

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” - Elvis Presley