Very confused

Hi there. I wanted to start a blog, and purchased a domain from DH. I have installed WP and began playing on there. I am not sure how the two link up, or how to actually see my posts on my website. When I ‘publish’ on WP, it only shows me my .com/wordpress page. I feel pretty dumb for asking this because I am way out of my depth here, but I have no idea what I’m doing. Did I make a mistake buying through Dreamhost rather than just purchasing the domain from WP? Any advice is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Your website is viewable from
I’m assuming you can log into your WordPress Dashboard, since you’re able to use the “publish” button. After you’ve clicked “publish”, you’ll see a “Post published. View post” message pop up at the top of the page, and that’ll show you the post on your site.

If that’s not what you’re asking, is it a matter of you wanting to use instead of If that’s the case, these links should prove useful to you:

If I’ve misunderstood, or you have any other questions, please let me know! Or you can submit a ticket to our 24/7 support team ( ) and we’ll help you with whatever you need :slight_smile:

by .com/wordpress page, do you mean your wordpress dashboard? I can’t imagine that you could be ‘playing on there’ if the two were not ‘linked up’. If you see the dashboard, look at the top left for a link to visit your site, or just open in another tab in your browser.

Thanks, DH_Elle S. It is the latter I was trying to work out. I think I’ve misunderstood about Wordpress. I thought I did not need to download it onto my computer because I one-click installed through DH, but am unable to actually do anything with the files on my FTP. I know this is annoying, I’m very sorry, I’m just still unsure about how to manipulate the files.

Bobocat, I see what you’re saying. I understand the dashboard, but not how to use DH.

You may want to start with a one-click install of wordpress to get started. it sets up the software with decent default settings and you can get straight into blogging.

Yes, I did that through dreamhost. Maybe I need to try again.

Wordpress is indeed installed to your server already! You don’t need to connect over FTP to manage your blog, as that can all be done from your WP Dashboard. FTP is only needed when you upload add-ons, such as a new theme or plugin. :slight_smile:

But the files needed editing in order to change the site URL as per the links

Per , you can change the URL directly in the database, so you don’t have to use FTP. Head on over to your DreamHost panel: and follow these steps:

*MySQL Databases

  • locate your Wordpress Database. To the right of it, you’ll see Users with Access. Click on your username to retrieve your password.
    *Head back to the MySQL Databases page
    -under Web Administration, click “phpmyadmin”

From there, follow the instructions per the link :slight_smile:

PS. My shift is almost over, so if you need any extra assistance, please don’t hesitate to email our support team who can help you out :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! Cheers!