Very confused beginner wanting to transfer domain from Weebly to Dreamhost

I have been using a site/domain name for about a year and want to start using WordPress instead. I have copied and pasted all of my content onto a WordPress site and it’s all ready to go, but I need to transfer my domain and want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

I pointed my DNS servers at Weebly to DreamHost, unlocked the registrar, and then went to the DreamHost site and entered my domain name, access code from Weebly, and pointed the DNS servers to Wordpress (I do not want to host my site on DreamHost. The switch over to Wordpress is confusing me enough!).

It says it’ll take about 7-10 days to transfer over…is it really going to be that long? The Weebly site was registered by my husband and the DreamHost account is in my name, do you guys think this will cause any holdups as long as I have the access code correct from Weebly?

Am I correct in pointing the Weebly DNS to DreamHost and the DreamHost DNS to Wordpress or is this not going to work?

Thank you all in advance for helping out someone so clueless!

It sounds like you have many concepts confused.

First the registrar of the domain (this would take 7-10 days to transfer) has nothing to do with who is hosting the domain, or whose dns the domain is using.

You say you pointed the dns servers to dreamhost, but in the same paragraph say that you pointed them to Wordpress. Changing the dns severs usually takes 8-24 hours, and doesn’t require an access code.

In the title of your message you say transfer weebly to dreamhost, but later you say you do t want dreamhost to host the domain.

Compounding all this is you can host Wordpress on dreamhost or on

So with all the confusion it’s hard to say what is happan or will happan. If your did do a domain transfer tho and the registration info is different it will most likely be rejected.

I think I may have confused you a bit because I don’t know all the right terminology or phrasing yet, because I posted this exact same thing to the DreamHost chat and they said everything sounded okay and my domain transfer should be fine. On my Weebly site I pointed the DNS to Dreamhost in order to transfer the registrar of the domain, but on the Dreamhost site I pointed them to Wordpress. This is because I am transferring the hosting of the domain from Weebly to Dreamhost and will be using the domain name on a Wordpress site. As far as I am aware Wordpress allows you to use a domain you already own through “Domain Mapping” if you point the domain to the Wordpress DNS server. Does this make more sense or am I still getting it wrong?

The access code was used in transferring the domain, sorry if I made it sound like they had anything to do with the DNS server, I understand that it is separate. Also my husband gave me access to his email and I approved the transfer from there so I think I’m good in terms of registration info.