Very basic questions about RoundCube webmail


Our Friends of the Library site has always been hosted with DreamHost, and we set it up to use Gmail (actually Google Apps) from the beginning.

For various reasons, Gmail isn’t ideal for us anymore. Everything I’ve read about RoundCube makes me believe it might be a good alternative, but I have some simple questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to here or in the DH wiki.

Some context: We have about a dozen e-mail addresses (, president@, secretary@, treasurer@, etc.). The people using these accounts are all volunteers who come and go with election cycles or as their time allows. Some e-mail accounts are by necessity shared by several people. Most of them are set up to just forward to an individual’s personal e-mail account. Some users access an account from many different computers, some use their iPhones, some use Windows PCs, some use Apple PCs. Nobody is an IT specialist.

My first (hopefully totally simple) question: If our DreamHost setup is changed so that it uses RoundCube webmail, do we create an administrator account (e.g., and use that to create the others? I believe that’s how it was done with Gmail. If that’s not how it’s done with RoundCube, how IS it done?

Next, how would our users log into their accounts? As it is now, they go to the Gmail login page and type in the full domain account name as the username (, for example) and the password for that account. Is it similar for RoundCube?

Last, is there a limit to how many people you can send one message to when you use RoundCube on DreamHost? We need to send election notifications and book sale reminders to several hundred addresses at once, which cannot be done with Gmail because they assume we’re spammers (we’re not!). We currently use a Vertical Response account to do this, but we’d rather just send an e-mail message directly from our site if possible. We don’t need (or want!) tracking or metrics or ad campaigns or anything like that.

Thanks in advance for any help or tips.

Friends of the Sunnyvale Library
Sunnyvale, California