Very Bad Support

My site is now having the famous bad_httpd_conf error. Everything is down. Contacted them and they said that it was due to the fact that my DNS was pointing at the OLD server. Firstly, I had NO IDEA that there was gonna be a server change and no one bothered to inform me that I had to make such a switch.

Now when I look at the FTP, I am missing TONS of files that I uploaded over past few weeks. And the fact that they are not responding to my countless support emails is making things worse.

I have every mind of writing this incident on all web-hosting forums to warn them abt this. If someone from support sees this, I hope you will look into this matter ASAP. I’m losing LOTS of money cause of this!!!

Ah, yes, another “I’m losing LOTS of money!” posts from someone with $10/month hosting.

Ah, yes, another “They’re ignoring my dozens of support requests” post.

Here’s the standard wiki entry for that error:

However, it looks like you’ve opted to not use DreamHost’s DNS, which is a risky bet; especially if your business depends on accurate DNS. IP addresses can change in the blink of an eye if your server needs to be replaced or reconfigured. Be aware and set up some monitoring to watch for this if you choose not to use DreamHost DNS.

I don’t know why there’s a server change. You didn’t even post which server you’re on. Either you volunteered to switch to a new server, or your old one died. During a change, it takes a while to migrate all of the data. Unfortunate, but there’s just no easy to seamlessly migrate users to another server.

In the mean time, upload your site from your local backups (you have those, right?) to get it back to running condition.

And good luck with posting this to all web-hosting forums. That’s a great way to spend all the hours in a day.


That’s likely the root cause of your current issues.

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Did you try telling your mommy on them? That should be at least as effective as crying like a little girl on web hosting forums.

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